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Monolithic websites are a thing of the past. JAMstack is the way of the future.

We are a global remote studio specialised in Branding, Digital Design and JAMstack Development.

What is JAMstack?

JAMstack stands for Javascript, APIs and Markup.
Translated, it means faster performance, built-in security and unlimited scalability. The custom website or application development gives you exactly what you need, without any compromises.


Jamstack pages are generated during a build process. Having everything ready to serve on a CDN close to the user results in a fast and very high performance without expensive infrastructure.


Removing multiple moving parts from hosting infrastructures results in fewer attacks. Pre-rendered read-only static files provide high levels of security.


Using a content delivery network (CDN) everything is cached and served without complex logic or workflows. Simpler deployments, built-in redundancy and incredible load capacity.

Less Costs

Removing hosting complexity reduces maintenance tasks and costs. No more patching, updating or maintaining servers to keep your website live and running.

for you


With JAMstack there are no strings attached. So no limitations to our creativity. 
All within very quick delivery times.


Having one, or several, decoupled sources of content, means you can display it easily 
in different outputs.
Different interfaces, same results.


Performance is a must when it comes to browser ranking, which will ultimately increase your 
conversion rates.


Static pages are super fast, light and easy to scan by crawlers. This will get you higher in the search results rankings, faster.

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of website owners consider Performance as their number one priority.


of CMS website infections in 2019 were on WordPress websites.


of smartphone shoppers are more likely to convert when they can make a fast purchase.

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Just schedule a 30-minute video call, where we can evaluate your business goals and needs. We will start by discussing features and technologies, so we know the right direction to take your project.